Radekal Primary Care

Radekal APP is the ONLY primary care solution that increases productivity by at least 30% and reimbursements by over 15%.

Our ONE-PAGE TRAINING manual has busy primary care physicians up and running in 20 minutes.

"Designed the way physicians were trained at medical school!" By generating unique patient specific progress notes at RAC auditable levels, Radekal relieves primary care physicians of tedious and time-consuming paperwork.

  • Using our Radekal APP with its dynamic anatomical drawings and drilling feature , primary care physicians can use tablets to interact more candidly with their patients while showing them the affected areas of the body so that they can better understand their diagnosis.
  • Our app also includes an extensive catalog of common diagnosis codes to cover the wide variety of ailments that primary care physicians must treat.
  • The Radekal APP’s Natural Language Generator assembles the doctor’s note immediately, so that the information compiled during the visit (no cut and paste).
  • Labs for critical patients can be ordered quickly and easily by using the “Orders” tab within the Radekal APP.
  • No Contracts! 2 Months Free
  • Automated unique progress notes
  • Eliminates medical transcription costs
  • Dynamic anatomical diagrams
  • 100% Cloud Based

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